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Hybrid and Remote Working Professional Course

Stand out from the crowd

Earn yourself an International Industry Certification from Web Professionals Global and a Free Professional Membership by taking our Hybrid and Remote Working Course. The perfect course for anyone who works with the internet. A growing list of careers use the internet to power their careers. From online retailers, laywers, accountants and customer service staff. To IT Professionals like web developers, designers and analysts.

In just a few hours, prepare yourself to work remotely, in office, or in a hybrid work environment (both in and out of the office).

Be prepared for interviews

With free bonus modules, you will be ready to interview at a moment's notice. You will know how to present your past, answer difficult questions, and how to impress your future boss with your work ethic, attention to detail and positive character.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd. Prove your worth, and enjoy the benefits of an amazing career.


Lauren F

"I enrolled in the Remote Working Professional Course and earn my industry certification because I wanted to give myself more career options and open new paths for my family. I know working remote professionals typically earn more and have flexibility in choosing where to live. and their careers are less likely to be negatively affected due to pandemics or economic swings. I love how I could complete the course on my computer. or my phone."

Angelica N

"I would say my favorite part of the remote worker course was the interview section. Please TAKE NOTES in this section, it is pure gold! Not only did it prepare me for my web design interview, but my interviewers actually stopped several times to say how amazing my responses were because they felt that I had researched how to answer their questions perfectly They were so incredibly impressed and my confidence skyrocketed. This section really made me think about how I would specifically answer their questions and how I could create a lasting impression and it did just that."

" is proud to back this one-of-a-kind industry certification for remote working professionals around the world. We know that the world of work is changing, and we are excited to help usher in new generations of remote workers in all industries who represent the future of the global remote workforce."

-Mark DuBois, Executive Director,


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Free eBook release! Build yourself a business website for free!

We're pleased to announce that we have released our first free eBook! Learn to build your own business website for free! Includes a professional Bootstrap 5 template to kickstart your online business. Covering everything from legal documents, writing business content and delivering a great user experience. Download it to day!

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Try "The Grand Tour of Programming!"

50 programming languages, demonstrated over 100 programs! Ideal for anyone looking to choose their next language, or just browse.

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The Grand Tour of Programming book

"A Grand Tour of Programming: 50 Languages and 100 Programs!" offers an expansive journey through various programming languages. Highlighting core concepts via 100 programs, each chapter focuses on a unique language's history, syntax, and applications. Packed with practical examples, the book builds a strong foundation and encourages adaptability in learning new languages, catering to all skill levels.

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An introduction to Python 3.10 book

"An Introduction to Python 3.10" is a thorough guide for programming newcomers. It helps readers master Python 3.10's essentials, from basic syntax and core concepts to its powerful libraries and frameworks. The book emphasizes learning by doing, offering clear explanations, practical examples, and exercises. It's a stepping stone for various goals, including data analysis, web development, and artificial intelligence.

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Bootstrap 5 Foundations book

"Bootstrap," a popular HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript framework, facilitates easy creation of responsive websites. Bootstrap 5, the latest version, eliminates jQuery for a more integrated web language model. Regardless of your aim, this eBook enables a deeper understanding of Bootstrap 5, allowing you to apply your existing HTML5 skills to this prevalent web framework.

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Build a business website fast book

This book guides you in building and running a cost-effective website, including custom email, domain name, and security certificate, all under Β£5/month. Bypassing expensive web designers, it teaches you about affordable website hosting, email services, essential software setup, and customizable business templates, enabling you to operate on a shoestring budget.

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Build responsive websites with HTML5 and Bootstrap 5 book

HTML5 and Bootstrap power over 20 million websites, ensuring compatibility across devices. As the foundation for 90.9% of the world's websites, HTML5 is a crucial skill in computer technology. Front end developers in the UK earn between Β£35,000 and Β£65,000, with potential for more as a full stack developer. Master essential web skills today.

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HTML5 Essentials book

Welcome to the Computer Knowledge Enthusiast, HTML 5 essentials book. This book is designed for the computer novice, who wishes to understand the essentials of HTML 5. HTML 5 is the language of the web; learning it is an important skill for anyone who works with the web. They do not have to be a developer, or desire a career as a web designer. Instead they may wish to be a blogger, word-press manager, or simply write and publish eBooks online as I do.

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Kids learn science book

"Kids! Learn Science and Invention" is an engaging guide exploring the magic of technology, responsible for everyday marvels like smartphones, computers, and cars. The book encourages a journey of discovery, inspiring kids to create their own inventions. It's a fun, fact-filled adventure for curious minds.

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Kids learn the internet book

"Kids! Learn the Internet" is an accessible, colorful guide that sparks curiosity in children about the internet. It explains how the internet works, introduces basic HTML programming, and includes a free, easy-to-use HTML5 IDE. By encouraging storytelling and hands-on learning, it inspires children's creativity and achievement.

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